The Great British Summer Is Fast Approaching – But Is Your Pool Cover Up To The Job?

For obvious reasons, the autumn and winter months may have absolutely crawled by for you, especially if you’ve been eagerly anticipating the next time you can take a dip in your home swimming pool.

Well, things are now looking up, in more ways than one. So, why not celebrate it with a brand new solar cover for your pool, from our comprehensive online range?

Why are swimming pool covers so important, anyway?

Much of the point of swimming pool covers is, of course, to cover up and protect your pool and its water. Both solar and winter pool covers are available, and we have a separate category for the latter in our online store . Winter pool covers, specifically, help shield your pool from the adverse effects of colder weather during those long months when you aren’t using it.

But given the time of year you’re likely to be reading this, let’s focus a little more on solar pool covers, which we also have an excellent reputation for supplying in both standard-sized and made-to-measure forms here at Pool Warehouse.

We’ve written previously on all of the benefits of these particular swimming pool covers . In short, they’re effective at everything from minimising the rate at which your pool water evaporates in the heat, to preventing leaves and other debris from easily getting into the water.

It couldn’t be easier to specify the perfect solar cover for you

But enough about the reasons to buy a swimming pool solar cover; why should you do so from Pool Warehouse? The short answer is that we make the process of picking out the exact cover you require extremely quick and easy, while also offering highly competitive prices.

This is especially helped by the fact that we are the UK’s only manufacturers of solar pool covers who also sell directly to the public. So, if the size of solar cover you need is represented in our standard stock range, you can purchase it for fast delivery straight away . As for if it isn’t, our online pool cover calculators take the hassle out of ordering a cover to suit virtually any shape of pool.

It’s a simple process to check that you have the specification right for your new solar cover before you finalise your purchase. That includes ensuring the chosen solar cover material is one that suits your needs, with current options ranging from the basic Blue 400 and the strong all-round Platinum+ 500-micron GeoBubble cover material, to the likes of SolGuard, EnergyGuard and silverBlue.

Decide on all of these features, and you will immediately be given a price for your new solar cover. Don’t forget, too, the many reasonably-priced accessories we offer to go with swimming pool covers, including towing attachments, strap sets, reel covers, and much more.

The great British summer – especially this year – will rightfully be a time of hope, fun and escapism. So why not prepare right now and ‘beat the rush’, by grabbing a great deal on a solar cover today from our in-depth selection of swimming pool covers online?

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