A Comparison Between The Canon Imageprograf TM And TX Series Printers

While Canon’s ImagePROGRAF range of printers can always be counted on to deliver high-quality, efficient and hassle-free wide-format printing results, you may understandably struggle at first to decide between the TM Series and TX Series models in our present stock.

So, we thought we’d take a look at the respective merits of these strong-selling lines, which include the 24” Canon ImagePROGRAF printers TM-205 and TM-200 and the 36” TM-305 and TM-300, as well as – in the case of the TX Series – the 24” TX-2100, 36” TX-3100 and 44” TX-4100.

What distinguishes these industry-leading printers?

While all of the printers across these Canon ImagePROGRAF ranges are rated strongly by users, they do cater to different needs, and incorporate different features accordingly.

The TM Series, for instance, consists of low-to-medium-volume printers, with the TM-205 and TM-305 both having a 500GB hard drive. The TX Series machines, meanwhile, are higher-volume printers that all boast a 500GB hard drive as standard.

Canon’s ImagePROGRAF TM Series and TX Series devices also differ in that the former are single-roll-feed machines, as opposed to the latter’s dual roll capacity.

Owners of the TX may choose to use the secondary roll for roll feeding or as a media take-up unit. This makes possible either high-volume printing of mixed media types through two rolls, or continuous large-format printing, whereby the second roll automatically rewinds the printout.

What ink cartridges do these printers take?

One thing the TM and TX Series printers have in common is that they are both five-ink printers, using the three colours of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow alongside Matt Black and Photo Black.

Purchase a TM Series model, and it will take 130ml and 300ml ink cartridges. These printers use sub-ink tanks with ink reserves to allow for hot-swap ink change while printing, thereby avoiding wastage and delays as a result of interrupted ink jobs.

Meanwhile, the TX Series printers are compatible with 160ml, 300ml and 700ml ink cartridges. The devices in this range allow you to mix and match the different sizes of ink tanks you use in accordance with your printing environment and the amount of each colour you use. Such flexibility enables you to reduce the frequency with which you need to replace ink tanks, so that you can use ink more effectively without interruptions.

How do these machines compare on the security front?

All Canon ImagePROGRAF wide-format printers are noted for their excellent security features, and the latest TM Series and TX Series devices are no exception to this.

The TX Series range, however, does incorporate advanced security features that might represent the single most important distinguishing factor between the TM and TX models. The TX’s formidable security capability encompasses secure data storage and erasure, encrypted data transmission, interface security and secure printing, to ensure the superb protection of sensitive data.

These extra security features might be an especially great priority for print-for-pay businesses that handle customer data, as well as for larger offices where many different users – including both in-house users and external, remote-based users – may share a single wide-format printer. This feature may also override the print volume requirement in order to provide the higher level of security required.

We can be the go-to source of your next large-format printer

With the TM Series being known for such advantages as its compact design, quiet operation and easy roll loading, and the TX Series winning rave reviews for its astounding productivity, sophisticated multifunction roll system and the scope for ink replacement during printing, it’s clear that both printer lines have plentiful merit for day-to-day use.

For further advice and guidance as to which of these acclaimed printers may represent the best choice for your own intended application, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Prizma Graphics team at any time.

We offer highly competitive prices for the Canon ImagePROGRAF printers TM-205, TM-200, TM-305, TM-300, TX-2100, TX-3100 and TX-4100, along with many other bestselling options for high-quality and cost-effective wide-format printing.

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