Jet Ms Launches New Line Maintenance Station At Nice Côte D'azur Airport

The specialist in MRO services for business and regional aircraft, Jet Maintenance Solutions (Jet MS), has announced its opening of a new line maintenance station at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, France, in another development of interest to those engaged in business aviation recruiting.

Describing the site as the leading airport in Europe for private aircraft takeoffs for over two years, Jet MS said the move would enable it to broaden its reach and offer its extensive portfolio of services to an ever-greater client base.

The company said that more than 2,050 recorded departures for private aircraft had taken place at Nice in 2020, and that it was the most active airport for business aviation aircraft in 2019 and 2020.

The firm stated that it was building on its more than 10 years’ experience in the MRO industry, with a further step in its global expansion that would allow it to boost its presence in markets around the world.

What else do we know about Jet MS’s growth plans?

Jet MS has already established a dedicated line maintenance operations team, consisting of engineers, business development officials and sales managers, in support of commercial procedures.

In addition, the business said that it would provide surrounding airports – in Cannes, Marseille and Toulon – with mobile repair team (MRT) services, benefitting both current and future clients.
Vytis Zalimas, CEO at Jet MS, commented: “By opening our doors to new clients in this picturesque city of the French Riviera, we are entering a new and demand-heavy market.

“Having had over 2,050 movements even during the pandemic in 2020, the airport shows a strong demand for sophisticated private aircraft infrastructure.

“With a combination of our knowhow, globally acclaimed reputation and leading balance of cost-effectiveness and quality, we are sure to have a strong foothold in this market.

“By being a part of Avia Solutions Group, which includes FL Technics, a global one-stop shop for MRO solutions boasting a portfolio of over 70 line stations across the globe, our shared knowhow will allow us to reach our full potential when conducting line maintenance procedures at our station in Nice.

“With the successful beginning of operations at this location, we are already looking at more potential business aviation centres and FBO organisations where we could offer our services.”

The company is positioned to undertake routine checks and provide AOG support to business and regional aircraft. It is looking to expand its operations and satisfy market demand through the establishment of new line maintenance stations in lucrative locations for business aviation.

Among Jet MS’s other plans, for example, is the opening of a new line maintenance station in London, UK, early this autumn.

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