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As longstanding COVID-19-related restrictions on our lives and societies finally begin to lift, here at £1 Vape, our eye was caught by reports of another fascinating development that could go a long way to protecting public health.

That development was Oxfordshire County Council's consideration of a smoking ban for outdoor hospitality, as it seeks to become "smoke-free" by 2025.

It is intended that as part of the plans, employers will be encouraged to promote smoke-free environments and support their personnel in their efforts to quit. NHS trusts in the area will also be smoke-free, while encouraging smokers that use, visit or work in the health service to kick the habit.

It's not just Oxfordshire where major moves are being made against smoking

As commendable as we feel Oxfordshire County Council's efforts are as it aims to be the first English county to reach smoke-free status, other areas are also taking seriously the Government's 2030 smoke-free pledge.

The Sun reported that Hammersmith Fulham in West London was also expected to become smoke-free by 2025 - five years ahead of the Government's target - thanks to an annual smoking quit rate in the borough of 7.54%, according to Public Health England (PHE) data. That's an especially impressive feat, given that the district reportedly had one of the highest smoking rates of any part of London as recently as 2016.

Westminster was the next borough set to hit the smoke-free target, the newspaper said, the 5.47% of smokers who quit in the area every year meaning it would achieve this in 2028. Rounding out the top five were the Wirral and Sefton, which both have quit rates of nearly 5% - enough to put them on track to hit the smoke-free target in 2029.

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Alas, according to the newspaper, the above were the only five local authority areas in England that were actually set to reach the smoke-free target by 2030. But that's perhaps all the more reason to proactively play your own part in helping your local area to banish traditional cigarettes, by switching to vaping and taking your pick from our extensive selection of UK made E Liquids.

With The Sun's report suggesting that some districts' quit rates were so low that they weren't on track to become smoke-free for literally centuries, it's clear that many of us could be doing better when it comes to saying goodbye to such a damaging habit as smoking.

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