Peninsula Announces Global Sustainability Initiative - Establishes Lng Bunkering Business - Pe...

Peninsula360, the leading marine fuel solutions company, has initiated its Global Sustainability Initiative.Having been one of the first suppliers to provide Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) in 2019,Peninsulahassincefocuseditsstrategyontransitionandrenewablemarineenergy.

Peninsula’s CEO, John A. Bassadone explained, “IMO2020 was a complex strategic planning processand we delivered the transition extremely effectively.Our foresight and professionalism throughoutthat period led to Peninsula deepening relationships with clients and stakeholders; cementing ourposition as the benchmark for quality within the industry.Being able to adapt and evolve to thechanging market is a core value of the company.”For Peninsula, the initial phase of our GlobalSustainability Initiative, was to build an LNG supply proposition.In so doing the group is able topositivelyshape theever-changing ‘greenenergy’ landscape.

Peninsula’s energy transition strategy is the culmination of a wide-ranging consultation processspanningover18months.Withanintegratedsupplynetworkalreadyspanning theglobe, the

group’s strategy was to add LNG bunker as an additional service.This took considerable planningand acquisition of new skills.Building internal expertise and mapping the supply environment nowensures that relevant LNG solutions can be provided to Peninsula’s customers.On the topic ofcustomers, Peninsula feels that its existing worldwide relationships have proved vital in securingimportantknowledgeandaclearpictureofcurrentandfuturedemand.

“We are already in dialogue with multiple customers regarding their LNG strategies” stated VictorMorales, Peninsula’s Global Head of Sales Marketing.“We are fortunate to have deeprelationships with many customers, either already operating LNG-powered vessels, or in the finalstages of delivering new ships for service.Building our LNG proposition around customer needs is anatural progression for us, Morales added, as it is a methodology we have followed in conventionalbunkering for 25 years.In many cases, customers are opting for dual-fuelled ships and we will beuniquelyplacedtoassistthemwithall theirbunkeringneeds”

Peninsula is a naturally risk-averse company and when it came to the operational challenges of Bunker Supply theirplanninghasbeen whollyfocused onreplicatingitsreputationasasafe,qualityoperator by all stakeholders and in ensuring that it is ready to meet the transition challenges.Nachode Miguel was an early recruit adding significant pedigree to this process.Having commenced hiscareer in Cepsa’s bunker business, where he counted Peninsula as a customer, he progressed intoLNG-focusedseniorpositionswithUnionFenosa.

“I am fortunate to have worked extensively in both bunkers and LNG therefore I welcomed theopportunity to bring this experience and knowledge to Peninsula as it develops its worldwide LNGsupplybusiness.Thecompanyhasalonghistoryofinvestingforthefuture andiscommittedto

delivering a sustainable marine energy proposition for its global customers.”De Miguel’s position asHead of Business Development for Peninsula empowers him to lead the entire energy transitionstrategy and he has already built a team covering-off the key elements of LNG bunker supply such astechnical, regulatoryandgovernanceaswell asthecommercial agendaforthe group.

John A. Bassadone concluded: “This is another major milestone in Peninsula’s evolution. We havebuiltateamofveryexperiencedindividualsinthesustainabilityandLNGspacewhowill drive

Peninsula’s transition to a cleaner future.Peninsula already has a wide-ranging presence across themaritime supply chain.Initially we are using this expertise to progressively build an LNG bunkeringproposition, which will benefit our customers globally.We are already in advanced discussions withshipyards,governments,maritimeauthorities,suppliersandcustomers,tonamebutafew, andthe