An Above-Ground Pool Or An In-Ground Pool… Which Is The Right Choice For You? PoolWareHouse

Before taking the plunge and investing in a swimming pool for your garden, there is an important decision to be made, between above-ground pools and in-ground pools.

As there are a few major differences between these two types of pool, the team at Pool Warehouse is on hand to help you decide if above ground or in-ground is best for you.

Above ground pools can be more affordable

The cost of your pool is sure to be one of the primary decision-making factors in your purchase. When opting for an in-ground pool, there are more costs associated with getting everything set up, ranging from decking, plumbing and accessories to digging the hole and landscaping.

As above-ground pools can be erected with the need for minimal, if any, labour costs, this can make them a more affordable option for your garden. However, we do highly recommend getting an above-ground pool starter pack to get your pool up and running in an instant.

In-ground pools are very aesthetically pleasing

It goes without saying that everyone has a different style aesthetic, and the same goes for how we accessorise our back gardens. On one hand, many people prefer the ‘seamless’ look of in-ground pools, which can also be made in various unusual shapes and sizes.

However, on the other hand, above-ground pools can also look attractive in your garden. Plenty of classic vinyl or inflatable above-ground pools put a strong emphasis on both function and style, while wooden above-ground pools are also very chic.

Above-ground pools typically require less maintenance

Above-ground pools are typically smaller and more uniform shaped than their in-ground counterparts. This tends to make them a lot easier to clean, and they normally require less maintenance due to their smaller size.

However, in-ground pools do tend to last longer, as they aren’t as exposed to the elements.

Above-ground pools don’t have to be permanent

If you are looking for a temporary pool that you can get out during the summer and erect yourself, then above-ground pools can be an excellent choice for you. They can be easily put up (and taken down), allowing for lots of fun for all the family .

If you are dreaming of a permanent pool area in your garden, then you should consider investing in an in-ground pool, which can be covered over during the winter months .

As for if you can’t choose between the two, our range of Plastica premium wooden swimming pools is suitable for installation above ground, in ground, or even partly submerged – you don’t need to decide until your DIY pack arrives. The wide range of sizes means there is an option to suit every size of garden.

Made from natural high-grade wood, these Plastica wooden pools have a longer lifespan than other above-ground pools. You can also benefit from a 10-year warranty on the walls, a five-year warranty on the liner, and a one-year warranty on all electrical equipment and the filter.

Whether you decide on an above-ground or in-ground pool, don’t hesitate to take your pick today from the latest products at Pool Warehouse , to take advantage of same-day despatch on stock items.

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