Social Housing Landlords Local Authorities - Trident Surveying

Asbestos 'is estimated to be present in 90% of all public sector housing' (CES, 2005)1.
Trident Surveying has established an excellent reputation with a large number of social housing landlords and local authorities throughout the UK with regards to asbestos surveying and advice.
Out of all the sectors Trident Surveying operate in, we would have to say without doubt that this is our busiest sector of work with our surveyors having carried out Asbestos Management, Refurbishment and Demolition surveys to literally thousands of properties UK wide in recent years.
Our highly qualified and experienced asbestos surveyors have often been commended by both tenants and clients alike for their professionalism, knowledge and approach when dealing with what can be a sensitive issue. All of Tridents Surveyors have gained a vast amount of experience working on all types of property in this sector ranging from bedsits to high rise flats in many locations throughout the UK.

Trident work closely with Social Housing Landlords and Local Authorities to put together a plan of action that is both measurable and achievable. This allows for an effective surveying programme to be implemented with minimal disruption to the client and tenants. Work is carried out efficiently and discretely and has resulted in many testimonials being received by delighted clients.
Trident have also worked with many social housing landlords and local authorities on an asbestos consultancy basis, as the guidelines and policies differ from council to council. For example some social housing landlords and local authorities have a policy that mandatory asbestos survey should be carried out whenever they transfer residents, and others do not.
Local authorities and social housing landlords appreciate our impartiality, and the fact that we are not affiliated to an asbestos removal company means that our advice can be fully trusted, and if asbestos management really is the best option, we can help to ensure that they remain legally compliant in order to ensure the health and safety of their workers and residents alike.
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