Spiritual Wisdom: gurenteed prescription of success and happiness

By Dr Ramesh Singh Pal, Writer & Scientist
The book “ Spiritual Wisdom: Guaranteed Prescription of Success & Happiness ” is Ramesh Singh Pal’s master piece and this book is specially designed for the youth and student. However this book is worth reading for the all age and religion section. This book is the roadmap for a balanced life. He offers the book as an offering presenting a beautiful bouquet of spiritual facts for the spiritual enlightenment of all. The book “ Spiritual Wisdom: Guaranteed Prescription of Success & Happiness ” is a collection of selected Mantras, slokas, Philosophy and Teachings from the Bhagwad Gita, Ramacharitmanas, Mahabharata, Upanishads and the ambrosia from the Holy Vedas bless the human heart as the sprinkling showers from the divine bliss.
“I thought people who were spiritual, are the one who has given up on this materialistic world (how childish I was?).”
“Attachment is an illusion and conditional love is the result of this illusion.”
“Those who want to prove something to somebody; they are miserable.”
“Nobody is ever happy; somebody is never happy.”
“Those who tried hard to save this world; they were saved off.”
The book is divided into twenty-four elaborate parts, the book pours out the philosophical teachings and verses soothing and healing the readers’ minds as they delve deeper into the spiritual flow of the ideals and principles that serve as the guiding light to get success and happiness.
"Every particle in creation is permeated by power of God. While keeping that God in mind, enjoy pleasures of this world with spirit of non-attachment to them. This material riches, pelf and power belongs to whom? Just think. In other words, the Vedanta philosophy does not prohibit anyone from enjoyments but enjoyments with discipline and reasonable limits. (p.30)

About The Writer
Ramesh Singh Pal, a Writer & scientist and thinker believes that to live a great life, there should be a balance in all four aspects, i.e. personal, professional, social and spiritual life. The author emphasizes that in the process of realization, everything is within, nothing outside. His experience and practice for an ascetic life have always helped him to cope up better with the dynamics and complexity of the scientific world with a detached view as Lord Krishna mentioned in Bhagavad Gita. For the last five years, he has also been associated with youth and society as a spiritual activist through his direct talks and lectures. He is also active on various social media platforms like YouTube, Quora, etc. Over the last ten years, the author has been studying the Hindu scriptures as well as the teaching of various divine souls. The essence of the knowledge he gained from his spiritual journey was published in his first Hindi book entitled Apana Swaroop in the year 2018. This book was well appreciated by the readers and encouraged him to write the second book in English for a wider audience

Book "Apana Swaroop" by Dr Ramesh Singh Pal, Writer & Scientist

Dr Ramesh Singh Pal

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