Musović (Mussovich)

Musović (engl./latin. Mussovich) is a Montenegrin surname, originally from Crkvice, Krivošije. It is at least about 230 years old (although there is historical evidence from medieval Dubrovnik records that it existed even in the 14th century), and comes from the Croatian/Montenegrin word muso /muso/ of Dalmatian-Roman origin, meaning snout, muzzle, or "a not talkative, ill-tempered man". It is cognate with Italian surnames Musso, Mussolini, Musone, and French Musso. Musović families live in Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Herzegovina, Macedonia, and USA. It refers to:

  • Milenko Musović, Croatian architect
  • Oliver Musović, Montenegrin/Macedonian artist
  • Iva Musović, Serbian artist
  • Željko Musović, Montenegrin linguist and author
  • Bogdan Musović, Montenegrin sculptor and art critic
  • Martina Musović, Croatian psychiatrist
  • Dejan Musović, Serbian footballer
  • Miljana Bojovic nee Musović, Serbian basketballer
  • Marko Musović, Montenegrin painter
  • Slobodan Musović, Montenegrin naval officer
  • Zorka Musović, American cardiovascular specialist

The surname Musović/Mussovich should not be identified or confused with Mušović/Mushovic(h) because those are two different surnames.