Hotel booking in Nathiagali Pakistan Green Retreat hotel is situated in the foothill of the highe...

Hotel booking in Nathiagali Pakistan

Green Retreat hotel is situated in the foothill of the highest peak of the Galliyat region ‘Miranjani’ in Nathiagali with amazing sceneries across the windows of the room and healthy peaceful environment miles away from all the rush, noisy and polluted environment of the cities. At Green Retreat, you can get up early in the morning breathing clean fresh air along with the godly music of nature, birds teetering here and there and the cool air touching your face around the window of the room. Our ideal conference rooms are well equipped to efficiently host your seminars, business meetings, workshops and recreational events. The hotels is open throughout the year with 24/7 service for tourists, families and business gatherings. Traditional style building of the hotel adds more glory to the overall infrastructure of the hotel with all the modern facilities make this place your dream destination in the region. The Green Retreat has forty wide and well furnished rooms with natural air conditioning and hygienic environment for your perfect experience. The facilities include centrally heated rooms, 24 hour hot and cold water, TV/Cable. Free Wi-Fi, room service and much more!

Additional treats for the honorable guests includes:

  • Fresh charcoal cooked corn on the cob
  • Few minutes’ walk to a beautiful Church
  • Few minutes’ drive to Namli Maira Waterfall
  • A stroll in the nearby bazaar to hunt for famous handicrafts of the area.
  • A visit to Mukshpuri
  • A Visit to Lalazar

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The clean and healthy water and peaceful atmosphere will surely increase your appetite but don’t worry we got you covered in this as well. The Green Retreat provide all kinds of traditional desi, continental, Chinese and special food prepared from natural herbs. The special musical nights at the Green Retreat are the special bounty which will not only give you an amazing living experience, but will be forged into your memories for a lifetime. Here at Green Retreat we assure you a great service, complete satisfaction, amazing food life long memories. Come see for yourself the heaven on earth in the very heart of Galliyat.