Hathi mera is the one of the most popular village of mansehra.It is situated near Karakoram Highway.
From historical point of view, it is said that the word hathi mera was given after the death of elephant (the elephant was of great mughal king).
It is comprises of several regions ,the most important are tootkay, bela and hathi bala.The nearby areas are sande sar, gandhian and mongan.
Cricket is mostly liked and played by people of hathi mera. Other games included foot ball and volly ball.
Several tribes and different castes are inhabitants .Among these, the Sardar gujjars are the most influential over there.The Meer Afzal Sardar was the past member of general councelor of hathi mera.He had impressive personality and did alot of social work including establishment of primary school and central mosque. Other outstanding personality was Sardar khushhaal Khan , he made his contibutions in transport .In his supervision , many roads were constructed.Other castes living there are tanoli, awan, abbasi, arbab, yousaf zai, and swati.
Developmental works
In field of development , the highlighted personality is Sardar Mohammad Iqbal.He is a part of wapda.The aim of his life is "to serve for others".He established many electric poles and transformers. The people of hathi mera never suffered from electrical issues because of his efforts.
He made his contributions in field of sui gas( natural gas) and got success in this task.He worked day and night for pleasure of their people.
Literacy rate over there is 60%. The government sector is doing it job at best.The middle school for girls and primary school for both are educating the people of hathi mera. The private schools are kohi.noor public high school, Al hasib Academy and Al Muddasir public School.
Land Owner
The population comprises of 40% sardar gujjars and 60% others.Most of the land owners are sardars.
Religious work
When we look at field of religion, we got a name of most noble and great person Sardar mohammad Siddique .He established many madrass and made the people aware about religion .Other scholars of this family contributed alot in bringing people from dark to light.We pray that Allah bless them all who spent their lives in serving for others